Time Machine to the 90's valentine card pack

$ 10.00

When Valentine's Day rolls around, do you find yourself missing the fold-and-tear valentine cards from the 90's? Do you wish that this year, instead of sifting through the sappy offerings at the dollar store (as if!) you could hand out something special to your friends and loved ones? Or maybe you just want to relive the glory days when you were showered with 30 or so valentines from your classmates (because it was mandatory, not because you were popular, but whatever)?

Whether you want to pass these out on Valentine's Day or hoard them all for yourself, this pack of assorted 90s valentines is guaranteed to make your inner 90s kid pretty darn happy.

Each pack contains 10 assorted cards. Some of the (random!) valentine selections include Ren & Stimpy, Jurassic Park, Barbie, The Land Before Time, Animaniacs, Anastasia, Michael Jordan, Space Jam, troll dolls, Beauty & The Beast and MORE! If there's a certain valentine from the 90's that you're just ACHING to see again, you can let me know in the message at checkout and I'll do my best, but no guarantees.

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