How to care for your purse


Do not put your purse in the washing machine or submerge it in water. You can spot clean the outside of your bag with dish detergent on a cloth. I've also used gentle makeup wipes and had success with getting little smudges off with those. For the interior, you can use a detergent pen.


I do not recommend hanging your bag by the strap for storage as this can weaken the integrity of the strap - and you need it to hold your 32oz water bottle for as long as possible! So keep the bag sitting on its feet instead when it's not in use. And try to keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Issues upon arrival

Sometimes it might look like your bag has arrived with small imperfections but most of these can be easily resolved! Your bag was wrapped up nice and tight on a long journey after being custom-made just for you, so sometimes it needs a little TLC to get it in tip-top shape upon arrival!

  • If the bag is a little bit smelly, you can leave it in a well-ventilated area (outside if the weather permits) for 24-48 hours. You can also put dryer sheets inside of the bag or spray it with febreeze. 
  • If the bag has some little dents or wrinkles in the faux leather material you can ease these with mild heat from a hair dryer. Do not apply too much heat and be sure to gently rub on the dent to release the wrinkle. Never put your bag in a machine dryer. And be sure not to burn yourself or the bag when doing this - we are not responsible for bags (or humans) that get burnt during this process. Be smart!
  • If your center divider is a little bent out of shape you can gently bend it back - the divider is just made of fabric and board so it's easy to gently reshape it.
  • If your ITA bag has any marks on the plastic you can clean it with alcohol wipes.