About Us

Hi there! I'm Kate Gabrielle (and that guy next to me is my younger-but-way-taller brother, Kyle. More on him in a second.) I'm a self-taught artist/designer and everything you see in our shop started out in life as an idea that I scribbled in my note pad (or, let's be honest, texted to myself in the middle of the night.) When I'm not drawing or designing fun accessories, I enjoy watching reruns of 30 Rock and The X-Files, feeding my insatiable appetite for classic movies, reading books about the Middle Ages (Black Death, anyone?) and debating what year to visit when someone finally invents a time machine. Definitely not 1348.

Kyle joined the business in June of 2016 to take over customer service, marketing, social media, and generally everything that my right-brained mind can't comprehend. When Kyle isn't replying to your e-mails or hatching a brilliant marketing plan he can usually be found traveling, doing something with aviation, or working on his own company, Edwards Media.