About Us

Hi there! I'm Kate Gabrielle. I'm a self-taughtĀ illustrator and everything you see inĀ this shop started out in life as an idea that I scribbled in my note pad. Everything that I make is something I personally want in my life. I like to grant my own wishes andĀ channel all of my "why doesn't [insert very obscure product] exist yet?!?" frustrations into actual real life wares.

So that's why my shop is a very random assortment of classic movie inspiredĀ paraphernalia mixed with feminist proclamations, retro sensibilities, and all kinds of goodies for my fellow cat ladies. TheĀ originalĀ Vintage Style, Not Vintage ValuesĀ designs, the original Cup Holder purse, Flapper Doodle drawings, Pi Day themed dice games, andĀ lapel pins referencing theĀ Motion Picture Production Code. I don't really make things to sell them, I make them because it's something that I am really and trulyĀ passionate about. It might not be the best business model, but it makes me incredibly happy and I'm so proud of every single item that you'll find on this site.Ā 

I also do freelance work in addition to running my shop.Ā I've worked with Turner Classic Movies, Mental Floss, Netflix, Doubleday, BAIT Footwear, and more. If you're interested in hiring me for a freelance project you can put in a request here.

When I'm not drawing or designing fun accessories, I enjoy hanging out with my catĀ Arrietty, watching reruns of Seinfeld, Frasier and The X-Files, feeding my insatiable appetite forĀ classic movies, and playing dress up.

This shop is run by a two-person team -- me and my mom, Judy! We are partners in crime, best friends, and very enthusiastic fans of the McDonalds breakfast menu. We love going on trips together (in 2019 we went to Disney World and in 2017 we went to Paris!) watching Disney World videos by Molly fromĀ Mammoth ClubĀ on youtube, and falling asleep on the couch during marathons of Ancient Aliens.

My momĀ joined the business inĀ January of 2018 to take over customer service and social media. She is the sweetest person on the entire planet (I swear I'm not biased)Ā and she has a flair for communicating with other human beings thatĀ I unfortunately did not inherit. Know that you're in good hands if you're dropping us an email!Ā 

When my mom isn't lending a helping hand with emails, she loves doing puzzles (especially word games!), watching British mysteries (especially Vera!), cuddling with our cats (especially George!), reading books (especially Dickens!), eating chocolate (literally any chocolate), and falling down the rabbit hole of ancestry.com.