Printable 1920’s Flash cards

$ 5.00

Learn to speak like a real 1920's flapper with this spiffy collection of flash cards! The words & definitions were taken from real 1920's flapper dictionaries, lists of hip vernacular kept by young girls during the jazz age! Each definition is accompanied by a flapper doodle drawing!

The cards are double sided-- with an illustration & slang term on the front, and the definition and an example sentence on the back. There are 20 cards in each set. These flash cards are for adults- some of the slang terms are about smoking or drinking, so they aren't appropriate for children. Each card will measure 3.5" x 3.5" when printed. They print 3 per sheet. The PDF includes instructions for printing and assembly.

This set includes these slang terms: Alibi, Cheaters, Dropping the pilot, Figleaf, Fire Extinguisher, Flour Lover, Giggle Water, Glad Rags, Goofy, Handcuff, Oilcan, Raining Pitchforks, Shutter Tub, Smoke Eater, Spifflicated, Stilts, Urban Set, Vamp, Whangadoodle, Whiskbroom

The file will be available for immediate download. Please note: this is for personal use only. Please do not resell my file or the finished product.

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