October 5 - October 31, 2022 Purse Pre-Order Updates

If you ordered between October 5 - October 31, 2022:

4/8 UPDATE: The bags have all been shipped and should be arriving soon!! Thank you for your patience, and I hope you love your purses!!

3/31 UPDATE: Shipping started yesterday so you should be getting shipping confirmation notices now -- please be aware initially they will come from BlackBox, my fulfillment company, not me. After fulfillment is complete they send me a csv file that I can upload to Shopify to send out my own notifications but you'll be getting one from them first as the purses are shipped out. Thank you so much for your patience! I hope the bags are worth the wait! (And if they aren't, please be nice when e-mailing us. My mom does customer service and we are both trying VERY hard to handle any issues as best we can.

3/20 UPDATE: Addresses are locked and I sent them in to my warehouse. Shipping should probably begin next week.

3/13 UPDATE: The bags are at my fulfillment warehouse and I sent out an email a few days ago requesting any address changes. Please only email us if you have moved or are moving before early April -- we do not need to know if your address has remained the same. Addresses will lock on 3/17 and then shipping will begin in approximately 1-2 weeks!

2/1 UPDATE: I am hoping for the bags to be arriving at my warehouse in the next couple weeks and then I will be sending out a request for any address updates so be on the look out for that if you have moved since my sale!

1/10 UPDATE: Sorry for the gap between my last update and now! In addition to the holiday season always being a little overwhelming, I also bought a house (!!) at the end of November and have been in the process of getting it ready to move in and actually moving in. In the meantime my manufacturer was working steadily on your bags and they actually shipped about a week ago, so we are right on track! 

11/12 UPDATE: I forgot to include photos of these in my product pictures, but if you purchased a Holliday bag it comes with a removable shoulder pad! My manufacturer sent me this photo so I can share it with you --

These will automatically be included with every Holliday bag! :)

11/10 UPDATE: My payment was received and production has begun! Yay!! I also just want to address a common question I've been getting -- if you already placed a pre-order you cannot change the color or style of bag after production has started. My entire production line is based on pre-orders so your bag is custom made *just for you* once you pre-order it. I don't have any wiggle room for anyone to change their choice later. I'm very sorry if I come out with any new colors or designs that you prefer, but I desperately hope you understand how the orders are kind of locked in once I pay my manufacturer to make them.

11/1 UPDATE: Thank you so much for your order! Tomorrow I will be submitting the order to my manufacturer. I will keep you posted on the production process along the way!