June 7, 2023 - July 31, 2023 Purse Pre-Order Updates

Orders placed between June 7, 2023 - July 31, 2023
Expected to ship between November 2023 - January 2024

1/3 UPDATE: Oh my god, the purses have FINALLY started shipping! Hallelujah!! I heard from the warehouse today that they mailed out 280 orders (if yours is one of them you should be getting an email from BlackBox with tracking.) I'll keep you posted as I have more updates, but I am so relieved these are finally starting to move. I'm not sure how long the entire shipping process will take since this company in the past has shipped my orders out in anywhere from 1 week to like 5 weeks with no clear reason for that kind of time discrepancy but let's all cross our fingers and toes and think good thoughts that this time will be a quick one! I've already emailed them to implore, beg, plead that these get out quickly so hopefully they will. Thank you again for your patience and happy new year!!

HOLIDAY UPDATE: I have a free printable card that you can download and print out to give on Christmas if you are waiting for your purse to come in the mail. You can download it right here. I also have one that isn't specific to my purses that you can download right here.

12/20 UPDATE: I have been trying relentlessly to nail down an expected ship date from the fulfillment company I am working with, and this was the most recent response from my representative:"Hope you're enjoying the holiday season! Just a quick heads-up: due to the Holiday rush, our services might take a bit longer than usual. No worries, though – we're working hard to get everything shipped out ASAP. Everything this time of year is on a first come first serve basis. Once they complete the current run the warehouse will move onto your orders."

I responded that I needed a concrete time frame. The response was: "The estimated start date is now January 2nd... and there is a possibility it may take a bit longer than usual."

They have had everything they need from me since November 30th. I can't fully express my level of aggravation and disappointment with the fulfillment company. We (me and my mom) were more than hopeful that they would ship our order well before Christmas and now they won't even start until after the New Year.

I know that the advertised shipping window has always been November through January and that your purses will still ship within the timeframe I had promised from the beginning. However, I also know that many of you had hoped the purses would arrive in time for the holidays. I apologize and I truly share your frustration.

Thank you to all of you who continue to wait patiently and understand that supporting a small business sometimes means things don’t go quite the same way as with big box corporate retailers. I’m already working diligently to ensure a more seamless process for all future sales. I hope so much that you'll love your purse!

Also please know that this is the last shipment being fulfilled through this warehouse. I've had countless issues with them this year and going forward I will be doing the fulfillment myself from my house. 

I also have an update on the Iris Noir bags. They were delivered to my house today so I will be able to begin shipping those out next week. I'm currently battling a cold otherwise I would start shipping them today. Thank you again for your patience!

12/4 UPDATE: I sent the addresses to my warehouse early last week, I paid my shipping invoice, and now it's just up to the fulfillment warehouse to start shipping the orders. They also handle shipping for other small businesses and ship in the order the inventory was received so I will keep you posted as soon as I know they have begun shipping. I've been urging them to get them all out in time for the holidays and will keep trying to make sure they ship as quickly as possible. Also my manufacturer informed me that they expect to ship the Iris Noir bags to me by December 11th.

11/20 UPDATE: I just sent the address request email so if you have moved or expect to move between now and mid-December please check your email for instructions on how to update your address. I'll be submitting final addresses to my warehouse on 11/23. Once I submit the addresses, it is then up to my fulfillment warehouse to inventory the bags and ship the orders in a timely manner. I promise that your bags will be shipped as quickly as humanly possible. This long, long pre-order process is SO close to being over and the bags are SO close to being in your hands! I just ask that you be patient for a little tiny bit longer while shipping is underway. Once fulfillment begins, keep an eye out for an email from BlackBox containing your tracking information. Please remember that it can take a week or more for all of the purses to ship from the warehouse. Yours may not be one of the first to go but it will be shipped! And if you need to reach out to inquire about your order please remember my mom does my customer service so please be kind to her <3 

One more thing to note -- my manufacturer shorted me about half of my Iris Noir bags in this shipment. I contacted them immediately and they acknowledged the production error. I paid for a new batch of Iris Noir bags to be rushed out for me to receive in early December. If your order was affected by this issue we have already reached out to you via email. If you have not received an email from us about this, it does not affect your order.

11/16 UPDATE: The bags have arrived at my warehouse and I still expect to have all bags shipped within the estimated timeline of November - January.

10/16 UPDATE: The bags are still en route - I am expecting that they should likely arrive at my warehouse sometime in early November. The shipping estimate for this batch of bags was November - January and I think we should be running right on time. Thank you for your patience!

9/27 UPDATE: Production is complete and the bags are en route to my warehouse. It should take approximately a month or so to arrive at my warehouse, I'll let you know when I know more! Thanks for your patience!!

8/13 UPDATE: Thank you so much for your order! I have submitted the order to my manufacturer and I will keep you posted on the production process along the way! Please note: your purses are expected to ship between November 2023 - January 2024. This means they can ship as early as November 1st or as late as January 31st - it is just an estimate. I will update this page as I have more details but please be patient and we will do our best to get your bag to you within that timeline.

I also just want to address a common question I've been getting -- if you already placed a pre-order you cannot change the color or style of bag after production has started. My entire production line is based on pre-orders so your bag is custom made *just for you* once you pre-order it. I don't have any wiggle room for anyone to change their choice later. I'm very sorry if I come out with any new colors or designs that you prefer, but I desperately hope you understand how the orders are kind of locked in once I pay my manufacturer to make them.