July 2, 2023 Overstock updates

If you ordered in the July 2 Overstock flash sale:

7/18 UPDATE: Shipping has been completed! You'll get a shipping notice directly from my fulfillment company, BlackBox, not from me, so keep an eye out in your inbox for that! Thank you for your patience and I hope you love your bags!!

7/14 UPDATE: They finally sent me the invoice and I just paid it, so bags should start shipping either later today or on Monday! Yay! Thank you for your patience!!

7/11 UPDATE: My warehouse just informed me that I should expect an invoice by Friday, and I'll let you know as soon as I have a concrete date for shipping! Just to clarify, these purses are IN STOCK and they are ready to ship at my warehouse. It's just a matter of my warehouse actually shipping them out at this point.

7/5 UPDATE: My warehouse was closed for the holidays but re-opened today and said they are going to invoice me for postage as quickly as possible. I will keep you posted! 

7/2 UPDATE: I just sent the list of orders to my fulfillment warehouse. It'll be a couple of days before they send me an invoice for the shipping costs and then as soon as I pay that bill they can hopefully begin to ship. Keep in mind I did this sale on a holiday weekend so the warehouse likely will not get back to me until July 5. The bags are all ready to ship at the warehouse, I just need to coordinate the shipment and then bags will be on their way! I'll keep you posted here!