January 8 - March 2, 2023 Purse Pre-Order Updates

If you ordered between January 8 - March 2, 2023:

8/25 UPDATE: The last of the bags finally shipped today. I am SO sorry that it has taken this long. This debacle has been inexcusable and I am severing ties with the warehouse that I was using for fulfillment this year (if anyone out there can recommend a fulfillment company please send me a message!) I'll be packing the next batch of bags myself while I hunt for a new company to work with. The process of fulfilling pre-orders is already such a lengthy one with the production timeline, it is just not acceptable for the shipping part to take this long as well. If you had to wait longer than necessary, please know that I am so sorry and I tried to get these bags moving as quickly as possible. And I am rectifying this situation so it won't happen again in the future.

8/13 UPDATE: The fulfillment warehouse that I work with is taking an *insanely* long time to fulfill orders this time around and have not given me a good reason why. They have shipped batches that were 3x as big in less than half the time it is taking for this batch. If your order is still waiting to be shipped, they promised me that they will be done with this batch by early next week. I am so sorry for the delay and please know I am just as upset about it as you are! Thank you for your patience!!

7/28 UPDATE: My fulfillment warehouse just sent me my invoice for the postage and fulfillment costs and I just paid it, so fulfillment should begin either today or Monday. Keep an eye out for an email from BlackBox containing your tracking information. Please remember that it takes several days for all of the purses to ship from the warehouse. Yours may not be one of the first to go, but it will be shipped! Thank you so much for your patience and I hope you love your bags!!!

7/18 UPDATE: I just sent the orders in to my fulfillment warehouse so now I just have to wait for my postage invoice (and pay it) and then shipping will begin. I'll keep you posted!

7/14 UPDATE: The bags have arrived at my warehouse and I just sent out an email requesting any address changes to be submitted by Monday 7/17.

7/5 UPDATE: The bags are scheduled to be delivered to my warehouse on July 10th. I will be sending out an email soon requesting final addresses so keep your eyes peeled for that -- and please note that we ONLY need updates from people who have moved. 

6/28 UPDATE: The bags are still en route to my fulfillment warehouse. Some of the bags in this shipment had a shipping estimate of "June-July" -- please note that includes the month of July! The bags are still on track to ship on time. I will be requesting final address updates soon and the bags should still be shipping within the estimated time frame.

5/25 UPDATE: The bags have shipped and they are on the way to my warehouse now! I will let you know when I have a better idea of the delivery date (probably about one month from now) and will send out a request for updated addresses at that point.

5/10 UPDATE: Production is complete! I'll be paying the balance on the bags either Friday or Monday, and then the bags will ship to my fulfillment warehouse. Shipping to the warehouse takes approximately 1-2 months and then I'll ask for final addresses before shipping begins. I'll keep you posted when I have more details! :)

4/8 UPDATE: My manufacturer is combining shipping on orders placed from January 8 - March 2 since production is moving faster than expected on the February bags. Production is still in progress though and I will let you know when the bags are complete!

2/1 UPDATE: Thank you so much for your order! Tomorrow I will be submitting the order to my manufacturer. I will keep you posted on the production process along the way! 

I also just want to address a common question I've been getting -- if you already placed a pre-order you cannot change the color or style of bag after production has started. My entire production line is based on pre-orders so your bag is custom made *just for you* once you pre-order it. I don't have any wiggle room for anyone to change their choice later. I'm very sorry if I come out with any new colors or designs that you prefer, but I desperately hope you understand how the orders are kind of locked in once I pay my manufacturer to make them.