February - March 2022 Purse Pre-Order Updates

If you ordered between February - March 2022:

6/25 UPDATE: We are officially finished shipping purses! Thank you so much to everyone who supported this pre-sale! I hope you love your bags!!!!

6/21 UPDATE: We're in the home stretch -- only 500 bags left to ship! Other than taking one day off for dental surgery and a half day for Father's Day I've been working on the bags every day for the last month and I am SO happy to finally be at this point right now. I expect to have every single bag on its way within the next 1-2 days now. Again, thank you SO much for your patience and I hope you love the bags!!!

6/16 UPDATE: We've shipped over 3,200 bags now! I feel like we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully all of the bags will be on their way really soon! Also if you want to be notified when my next pre-sale goes live, I created a sign-up form RIGHT HERE.

6/14 UPDATE: We have shipped over 2,800 bags so we are past the halfway mark now! If you haven't received your bag or a shipping confirmation email yet I PROMISE we are working as hard as possible to get your bag to you quickly and it will be coming soon. Thank you for your patience!!

6/9 UPDATE: We have shipped about 2,000 purses so far! I am shipping in chronological order and I am currently up to order #15217 to give you an idea if you're curious when a particular order will ship. Me and my parents are working as hard as humanly possible to get these out as quickly as we can and your patience is greatly appreciated.

5/25 UPDATE: We are in the process of shipping out bags. Please keep in mind that my entire business is just me, with help from my parents and sometimes a friend, so it is going to take us a little while to ship all 5,000 bags now that they are here. If you desperately need your bag to be delivered immediately you can reach out to us via the contact form on my website and we can rush your order now that we are in possession of the bags. Me and my parents are working 24/7 to get these bags out to you as quickly as possible and I promise you will have your bag as fast as I can get it to you. Thank you so much again for your patience.

5/20 UPDATE: I received about 1/3 of the bags today (the rest are scheduled for delivery next week) so I am starting to ship your orders out *TODAY*!!! Yay! Thank you again for your patience and keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for a shipping confirmation, coming your way soon!

5/18 UPDATE: The purses are scheduled to be delivered to me on Friday May 20th and I will begin shipping them out immediately! I'll be posting updates on social media so be sure to check in on twitter, instagram, and tiktok for pictures of the shipping process. I have over 5,000 bags to send out so it might take a little bit to get through all of them but they are *finally* almost here and on their way to you! Thank you so much for your patience!

5/15 UPDATE: The bags are currently being unloaded from their shipping container and UPS will be delivering them to me shortly. Still running slightly behind schedule but the bags are *almost* here and will be shipping so soon!

5/12 UPDATE: The bags are still in transit on their way to me but everything else has arrived and I am ready to start shipping as soon as the bags show up. There is a giant POD parked in my driveway ready to hold thousands of bags, my living room is filled with boxes and keychains and tissue paper and packing tape. I have friends on call ready to come help the minute we're ready to start. I will post an update as soon as the bags arrive - I'm hoping they'll finally get here next week and we can start getting these long-awaited packages on their way to you!

4/25 UPDATE: Production is complete and the bags are on their way to me now! My manufacturer said I should expect them in about 18-23 days, so I should be able to start shipping the pre-orders the week of May 16 if everything goes smoothly! Production ended up running about 2 weeks behind schedule, but I think that isn't bad considering I had originally built my manufacturing schedule around the projection of selling ~300 bags and ended up needing to have over 5,000 produced instead! :)

4/14 UPDATE: My manufacturer said that if everything goes smoothly (there have been some factory shutdowns in her area due to covid outbreaks but her factory is still open for now) they are anticipating shipping the bags to me around April 20, so I should be able to ship in early May. You can see another peek behind the scenes of production on twitter right here!

4/2 UPDATE: The bags are almost finished and should be shipping to me very soon. My manufacturer confirmed that I should have them in hand by the end of the month so we are still on schedule to be shipping in late April/early May! I just posted a tiktok video of my bags being produced right here if you'd like a peek behind the scenes!

3/16 UPDATE: Dust bags for the purses have been completed (white cotton with a bright pink ribbon!!) and production for the bags is still underway and running on schedule. The samples for my new summer colors are finished, and I should be receiving those in the mail shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for sneak peeks at the colors coming your way in the next pre-sale!

3/4 UPDATE: Production has officially started and my manufacturer said that I should have the bags in hand by the end of April, so you should be receiving your bags on schedule. Since production has now started I can no longer accept any cancellation requests.

3/2 UPDATE: The spring pre-sale has officially ended! Thank you so much for your support!! I am submitting my final order tonight and production will begin this week. I expect to begin shipping your bags to you in about 2 months (hopefully sooner - I will do my best!) I will post updates here as there is progress to report and I asked my manufacturer to send me some photos of the process so I can share them with you. I am so incredibly grateful for the support and excitement surrounding this sale and I hope so much that you think the bags are worth the wait! xoxo Kate

2/28 UPDATE : All bags have been fully funded! And thanks to the overwhelming amount of interest in this presale (thank you, tiktok!) I have extended the sale by two days, so it will now end on March 2nd at 11:55PM EST. Production will still begin this week and bags will still ship on schedule. Thank you SO much for your support of my work. This means the world to me!!! xoxo Kate