August 29 - October 4, 2022 Purse Pre-Order Updates

If you ordered between August 29 - October 4, 2022:

3/13 UPDATE: The bags have all been shipped and should be arriving soon!! Thank you for your patience, and I hope you love your purses!!

2/14 UPDATE: I just sent out an email requesting address changes. Please send in any address updates to by February 21st. We will NOT be able to change addresses after that date. Fulfillment will begin about 1-2 weeks after addresses are locked.

2/1 UPDATE: The bags just arrived at my fulfillment warehouse! I'll be sending out an email soon to request any address changes and then shipping should begin in about 2-3 weeks. I will keep you updated here once shipping begins!

1/10 UPDATE: Sorry for the long gap between my last update and this one! I had a little bit of a snafu with my wire transfer and it ended up taking over two weeks to be deposited in my manufacturer's account. Many calls to Bank of America did absolutely nothing and I was ready to go in and cancel the transfer & start a new one when it FINALLY went through. So the bags shipped about 2 weeks later than they were going to -- but still ahead of my fulfillment schedule. So your bag should still be arriving on time. It's just an example of how nothing in this process is ever 100% smooth and I always want to keep you guys aware of the hiccups along the way!

The bags are currently in transit to my fulfillment warehouse and I will let you know as soon as they arrive. At that point I'll send out an email asking you if you need to update your address so keep your eyes peeled for that in the next ~month or so!

12/9 UPDATE: I just paid the balance on the purses & the shipping to get them here!! So they should be shipping from my manufacturer to my fulfillment center next week. I'll let you know once they are on their way! ahh!

11/23 UPDATE: Some more pictures of production! Things are really coming along! 

11/18 UPDATE: My manufacturer just sent me some photos of the bags in production! 

10/27 UPDATE: I received photos of a sample of each color to confirm that everything looks good (it does!) so mass production has begun! Yay!

10/15 UPDATE: I just received my invoice from my manufacturer and I'll be heading to the bank to make the down payment on Monday! Yay!! I also just want to address a common question I've been getting -- if you already placed a pre-order you cannot change the color or style of bag after production has started. My entire production line is based on pre-orders so your bag is custom made *just for you* once you pre-order it. I don't have any wiggle room for anyone to change their choice later. I'm very sorry if I come out with any new colors or designs that you prefer, but I desperately hope you understand how the orders are kind of locked in once I pay my manufacturer to make them.

10/4 UPDATE: Thank you so much for your order! Tomorrow I will be submitting the order to my manufacturer. I will keep you posted on the production process along the way!