Gifts for Jurassic Park Fans

Gifts for Jurassic Park Fans

Looking for the perfect gift for the Clever Girl (or guy!) in your life? Well hold onto your butts because we've got a TON of Jurassic Park accessories that will make them scream (with happiness. not fear.)

Our recommendation: The "Try to show a little respect" lapel pin. Everyone loves Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm, but we think it's time to show Dr. Alan Grant a little respect too. If you're stuck on Goldblum, though, we've also got a "Future Ex. Mrs. Malcolm" pin ;)

Clever Girl enamel lapel pin (also available in pink, blue, and purple!)

Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth iron-on patch

Future Ex-Mrs. Malcolm enamel lapel pin

Merry .. uh.. Christmas ornament

Life..uh..finds a way enamel lapel pin

Clever Girl iron-on patch

Merry..uh..Christmas enamel lapel pin

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