Tons of new lapel pins

I'm cheating a little bit here because the featured pin isn't actually available in the shop yet -- it's going to be my Cyber Monday promotional pin. Every Black Friday and Cyber Monday I offer a promotion to my social media followers & mailing list subscribers where you get a discount *and* a free lapel pin. This cute little snowgirl with her snowcat will be the pin available for free this Cyber Monday! 

The rest of the pins in this post are available for purchase in the shop right now, though! :) I really went wild designing new pins this month -- there are 17 (SEVENTEEN!) new pins! A few of them are pretty obscure, as per usual, including a tongue in cheek anti-Motion Picture Production Code pin (have I lost you yet?) that says "F*ck Joseph Breen." I think it's impossibly clever and if you like pre-code films from the early 1930's hopefully you'll get the joke and agree that it's pretty funny. I also made another Barbara Stanwyck pin (if I make one more you'll actually be able to make all four pins in a PINSGALORE promotion be Stany pins so I'm 99% sure I'll be making a fourth pin next year.) and I finally made a Joan Blondell pin! She's one of my favorite actresses and someone who I'm pretty sure doesn't have any existing merch for fans lol!

My best-selling Christmas card design, "May your days be Cary and Bright" is now available as a pin, in non-Christmas colors because I feel like the sentiment actually works all year round. 

I've been obsessed with Fleabag for a couple years but Season 2 really knocked off my socks to the point of pin production. Two of the new designs are Fleabag themed (and I also made a Fleabag themed dress, as well, that I designed specifically for when I went to see Phoebe Waller-Bridge in New York this week!) 

All of the new pins are available in the shop right here. And as always, they are buy 3, get 1 free with code PINSGALORE.