New purse designs!

First of all, the Ella bag has received some upgrades this year! Starting with my January 9 - January 31 pre-sale Ellas will now come with a zipper compartment on the back, detachable straps, wider (1") straps, and a new heart emblem on the front that matches the heart in my logo. To accommodate these upgrades my manufacturer raised the price by $2 and that small increase is reflected in the new price of my Ella bags. Please note that these upgrades ONLY apply to orders placed in pre-sales from today (1/9) going forward. 

I've also introduced a few new Ella colors including Bubblegum, Sage Green, and Clover. Bela received the same structural upgrades as the Ella and that design is now available in Noir, Bone, Bubblegum, and Potion. I also have a new Holliday bag featuring the Bela bat emblem and signature dark silver metal accents. And the Peterson bag now has silver metal and no heart emblem on the front.

And I'm super excited about two brand new designs - the Iris and the ITA bag. The Iris features a cut-out for handles that will make it much easier to tote around your viral 40 oz tumbler. (Hopefully Jane Fonda or Robert DeNiro fans will understand why this bag is named Iris 😉) And I have received sooo many requests for an ITA bag, and after a lot of figuring to conceive of a design that would be able to hold a drink and feature pins on the front I finally came up with a bag that has a side-opening so that the entire front of the purse has real estate for your lapel pins! I'm so excited about being able to wear this one with my own pins that I designed, too!!

And finally - Iris, Ella, Holliday, and the ITA bag will all come with a newly designed Cute and Hydrated keychain featuring my drawing of a watering can filled with flowers. It's the perfect keychain for bags arriving in the spring and summer!