New pin designed with a Patron

Last fall I hosted a giveaway on my Patreon for the chance to work on a custom enamel lapel pin design with me! The winner was Edith - @NightmareMaiden on instagram. She came up with three ideas, and then let my other Patreon supporters vote on which of those ideas should be made into a pin! The winner was a retro girl wearing an alien beret. I drew up a couple mockups with different colorways and Edith chose this one, with purple makeup and brown hair. I love how this came out so much, and I had so much fun working with Edith on this design!! The pins are in the shop now, right here.

Want the opportunity to get to design a pin with me? This is an annual giveaway, and one lucky patron will get the chance to design a pin with me again in 2020, too. Sign up for my Patreon here, and be on the lookout for a giveaway later this year.