DIY water bottle tripod

Last year I recorded one second of video everyday (using this app) and after a couple months of trying (and usually failing) to prop up my phone on various surfaces, I realized that I needed some kind of tripod that I could carry with me. Something to have on hand whenever a "one second" opportunity arose. I didn't want to weigh down my bag with a portable tripod, so I decided to work with what I already carry everywhere - a water bottle! This is honestly the easiest DIY on earth and it works so well. I made two "tripods" using my 16oz bottle that I take with me when I go out, and my 40oz bottle that I drink from at home.

Materials needed:
A water bottle
A cell phone - pretty floral case optional ;)
An adhesive phone ring
An adhesive ring mount

Attach the phone ring to the back of your phone case, and attach the ring mount near the top of your water bottle. Let the adhesive cure for about 12 hours before hanging your phone from the mount. Since these rings swivel around, you can take video and photo horizontally or vertically.

And that's it! SO EASY! And it makes taking pictures and video a hundred times easier, especially if you're planning on trying to do the one second a day challenge this year. It also makes it easier to get selfies with your cat ;)