DIY vintage inspired hanging parrot

I recently installed a curtain divider to separate my bedroom from my workspace. I have it pulled open most of the time, but there's one section behind my dresser that I'm keeping closed, almost like a makeshift half-wall. I wanted some kind of artwork to go on the new "wall" (I would die without clutter, guys!) so I decided to DIY a vintage-inspired piece to hang from my ceiling above the dresser.

Here's what you'll need if you want to make your own:

Resin hanging parrot sculpture
Garden hanging hooks
Cup hooks
Paint (I used Basics light portrait pink for the base)
Gold spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum Metallic pure gold)
Painter's tape

I started off by painting over the parrot with my pink paint. It took two coats to fully cover the bird. Technically it seems like it would be easier to spray paint the whole thing gold, let it dry, and then paint the bird pink but the texture of the dried spray paint is kind of slippery and the paint doesn't adhere as well as it does if you do the pink coat first. That being said, it's almost impossible to tape off the little feet so you'll still have to paint those pink after you've spray painted the branch gold. It just takes like 3-4 coats of pink instead of 2.

After the bird is painted pink, use the newspaper and tape to cover up the bird, leaving the branch and metal ring uncovered. Measure how long you want your sculpture to hang from the ceiling and choose a corresponding garden hook. I hung mine using the 18" hook in the set. Take your garden hook and your parrot and hang them in a well ventilated area (I hung mine from a tree branch in my backyard) and spray them with the gold spray paint. Let dry for a few hours.

At this point you can embellish your parrot and paint in any details that were covered up by the spray paint. I added a darker pink to the beak and feathers, and painted in the feet which were left uncovered when I spray painted. I had originally thought of making it more colorful but I was really happy with the pink and gold combination and left it at that.

Remove the chain from the parrot, leaving only the one hook at the top. Screw your cup hook into the ceiling, and then use your painted garden hook to hang the parrot. The reason I went with garden hooks instead of hanging it directly from the chain that came with the parrot is that this way it will always hang straight. With the chain alone it was twisting around a lot (and often hanging backwards) but the hooks solve that issue. If you're hanging this in area where it doesn't necessarily need to face one direction, you can just use the chain.

I finished up with a coat of glossy lacquer to give it a glassy look, and that was it! If you're hanging it outside you definitely need a coat of sealant, but you can skip it if it'll be inside. I just thought it would look a little more vintage-y if it was really glossy instead of matte.

I'm so happy with how it came out! It was just what I needed to break up the curtains and add some kitschy interest to that section of my wall. And who would have ever thought it started out in life as a rainbow parrot on a black metal ring?! It's amazing what a little paint and patience can do :)