DIY midas touch jewelry dish

The idea here is that all of your gold jewelry is turning the hand gold, like the Midas Touch. This project might be a little wacky, but come on, who wouldn't want to combine greek mythology with jewelry storage, right?

Materials you'll need:

A glass dish
A mannequin hand
E6000 glue
Gold spray paint
Base color spray paint

I used a light pink for the base color, but any color will work. You just need enough contrast between the gold and the base color that you can see the gold color creeping up the wrist. I also used a glossy lacquer finish spray, which isn't pictured.

First give the hand an even coat of your base color, and then let it fully dry to the touch. Completely cover the dish in gold paint, and then paint the base of the hand with a solid coat. Then you want to gently mist up the wrist to create a gradient of gold moving up the arm. Keep the coats light so that you don't overdo it. I also added a little bit of gold to a few of the fingers so that when I put rings on the fingers it keeps up the illusion of gold jewelry "turning the hand gold."

Next, attach the hand to the dish using the E6000 glue. If any glue oozes out onto the dish, just wipe it away with a cotton swab. Let the glue dry for 24 hours before you move it, to make sure that the hand is firmly attached to the dish. 

Then add all of your gold jewelry, putting rings on the fingers and the earrings and brooches at the base. 

Is it a little kitschy? Yup! But it's also pretty, unique, and honestly we could all use some more nods to ancient mythology in our daily life.