DIY ice cream cone flower pot

Have I got a sweet DIY project for you today! Not only is this super cute, it's super easy and can easily be done on a lazy afternoon. With the exception of drying time for the paint, it doesn't take more than a half hour or so to complete!

Here's what you'll need:

A ceramic flower pot
Puffy 3D fabric paint
Foam flower arranging brick
A paintbrush
White flowers
Cloth stem wire*

For the paint I used a combination of Basics colors (Naples Yellow Hue, Raw Sienna, and Titanium White) to get the perfect ice cream cone color. This project would look great with spray paint, too, instead of acrylic, if you can find a good color!

For the flowers I originally picked up the ones pictured above, but then I found a bunch in the Michaels' spring floral section, on sale for 50% off. They actually look like whipped topping, it's perfect for this project! But you can really use any white flowers (faux or real) to fill your pot once it's ready. Or even pink flowers to make it look like strawberry ice cream!

*The cloth stem wire will only be necessary if you have floppy flowers. 

Use the puffy paint to draw a cone pattern onto the bottom portion of the pot. I did mine by doing all of the lines going one way first, and then I criss-crossed the lines in the opposite direction. Read the directions on your paint bottle to see how long it should take until it dries to the touch. The one I used took four hours, so I just left it to dry overnight and then finished the next day!

Once the puffy paint is definitely dry, it will have created a 3D pattern on the pot. Use your cone-colored paint mixture to paint over the whole pot. I also painted a little inside the rim. Let the paint dry (this one should be much quicker than 4 hours!) In the mean time, cut out a piece of your foam flower arranging block to fit the inside of your pot, and trim the stems on your flowers. You want the stems to be no longer than the total height of the pot.

Once the paint is dry, start inserting your flowers. Create a layer of flowers the same height as the top of the pot. Then keep inserting flowers in tiers, creating a cone shape, until the top layer only has one flower. 

My flowers were very stiff and easy to arrange into the shape that I wanted, but if yours are more floppy, just use the cloth stem wire to wrap the flower stems and guide them into a cone shape.

And that's it! One delectable botanical delight!