DIY enamel pin Christmas tree display

I thought it would be fun to make a little enamel pin display using a small (2') Christmas tree! It's such a cute way to show off your collection this time of year! And enamel pins are the PERFECT size for small trees. I got my white one on amazon here.

All you need for each ornament is one enamel pin and one ornament hook. THIS IS SO EASY.

Loosen the backing a little bit, loop the end of the hook around the pin back, pinch the wire closed and then push the backing on tightly to secure the hook. This definitely works better with pins that have rubber backs since you can press them tightly to keep the hook in place. I actually keep extra rubber backs on hand in case pins come with clutch backs, since I like the rubber ones better. I got mine on amazon here.

And that's it! Then just hang your ornaments and admire your tree :D And if you're in need of some Christmas lapel pins, look no further! We have a ton of pins in the shop, right here.