5th anniversary sale

As of February, my official shop has been open for five years! I've had so much fun building this store and filling it with things that I love, things that I'm super proud of, and things that are so obscure that nobody in the entire world has bought them yet (but when somebody does I will know that we are destined to be BFFs!) 

To celebrate, you can take 15% off almost everything in the shop (items that are not eligible will say so in their item description) with coupon code ROSECOLORED. You'll also get this cute free patch when you use the code! The offer only applies to orders over $15, and is only good for a limited time.

Thank you so much for your support these last five years! Here's to another five, ten, fifteen, twenty!!

xo Kate

EDIT: As of July 20, 2020 the sale has ended. But you can still use coupon code YAYFLAIR to get a Buy-3-Get-1-Free deal on all pins, patches, and button sets! And the patch is now available to purchase in the shop right here.