New face mask chains

Having a mask handy at all times is so essential right now. I'm still quarantined completely and haven't gone in a building that isn't my own house since March, but I still take my mask with me whenever I go for walks outside. This chain makes it so easy to quickly put my mask on whenever I see another person approaching. And if it comes in handy for me - someone who has had basically no contact with non-family humans in 7 months, I'm thinking it'll really come in handy for people who are going from their car (no mask) into stores (mask) back into their car (no mask) into work (mask) back to the car (no mask) you get the point. It's always there, always ready to put on quickly! And - BONUS- it's super cute! :)

I have 9 designs to start with and if these go over okay then I'll hopefully be adding more designs in the future. They are all handmade to order, made from laser cut acrylic (and some have vinyl accents.) You can find the first batch of mask chains in my shop right here