Lots of new colors!


Every month black is always my best seller, so I'm usually a little hesitant to release more saturated hues, but color is my lifeblood, it's what I live for, and I went a little overboard selecting some new colorful bags for April! I'm hoping these will do well and I'll meet my manufacturer's minimums so I can keep making a rainbow of bags in the future. 

I'm most excited about the two new NEON colors in highlighter pink and highlighter yellow. The pictures do not do justice to just how bright these are! They are so rad, all that, and a bag of chips in person. 

I'm also excited about the return of Potion and Lilac - albeit new and improved versions. Starting in mid-November 2023 I decided to only make bags with textured fabric since I've noticed that it holds up better and is more resistant to dings and scratches than the buttery soft fabric that I sometimes used in the past. For a while I couldn't find a color that matched Potion or Lilac in this new texture but now I did so they are back in the shop! Lilac and Potion are both available in Iris and Ella, and Lilac is also available as an ITA.

I'm also thrilled that my bags are now coming with a little bow charm! Ever since I designed my pink and black bows a few months ago I knew I wanted it to be my new default charm, and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Since color is always a huge gamble, there's always a pretty good that these colors will only be available this month and disappear in May so if you like one of these colors please get it while you (definitely) can! 💖