Lots of new button sets

I have been a busy bee the last two months! I've been working on a lot of my seasonal merchandise early this year (I usually wait until the absolute last minute, so getting my Christmas card designs finished and ordered in July is quite a feat!) and I also knocked out a TON of new button sets! You can find all of them in the shop right here.

Also, I always refer to these as button sets, but just a reminder that they're also available as magnets, too! Just choose whichever type of backing you'd like on the item page.

Bells are Ringing button set! Can I just say that I have had this set floating around in my head for YEARS and finally making it a reality feels like I completed a sneeze that had been almost surfacing for hours if that makes *any* sense. I just love this movie so much and I cannot recommend it enough if you haven't seen it yet. It's the absolute best pick-me-up film- so cheerful, so good hearted and so sweet.

I don't know what's wrong with my brain but here is my ice cream/ Scream mash-up button set. I really don't know. I think it's funny.

Ball of Fire button set. Barbara Stanwyck teaching Gary Cooper "yum yum" on a button - this is why I love my job.

George Constanza button set. I'm currently *obsessed* with Seinfeld so expect lots of themed fan merchandise! 

Glass Bottom Boat button set. Everything I said about Bells Are Ringing applies to this film too -- just SUCH a delight. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely seek it out!

The More the Merrier button set!!! One of my all time favorite films, and a classic example of my "make a product because I want to own it" philosophy.

Talk of the Town button set. I made this entirely because I personally wanted a "Leopold Dilg is innocent" button.

Also, fun fact, this set was up for a couple weeks with the typo "Leoplod Dilg." 

A button set inspired by a set of buttons worn by Agnes Varda! You can see her wearing the button designs in a photo in the listing.