Introducing "We Had Faces"

I've decided to work on a few side-projects this year - mostly stand alone shops on print-on-demand websites like Threadless, Teepublic, or Society6, where I can upload designs and then the company takes care of order fulfillment for me. The profit margin is super, super tiny (I'll only make about $1 per shirt sold on TeePublic) but it's hard to be upset about that when there is literally no work involved for me after I upload the design to the website, other than some promotion here and there.

Anyway, long story short, the first of these projects that I am ready to make public is We Had Faces. It's a TeePublic shop with a mix of *incredibly* obscure nods to classic movies and some more mainstream (if you can call classic films mainstream, lol!) designs. I'm aiming for everything from Bette Davis to Allen Jenkins, from Clark Gable to ZaSu Pitts. If you always wanted a Ralph Bellamy fan club shirt this is where you will finally find one.

As usual I think my desire to create things that personally interest me will most likely hinder my actual income (let's be honest - I am probably the only human on this planet who wants a Ralph Bellamy fan club shirt) but I can't help myself. I like to make things that I want to own, and that just isn't changing anytime soon :) I got myself five samples from We Had Faces to take some promo photos and when I tell you that I am LIVING in that Barbara Stanwyck sweatshirt from now until it becomes threadbare, I am not. joking.

You can find the shop on TeePublic right here!